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Friday, July 10, 2009

Shootout, Day 1 - Top Qualifiers!

The first day of intense driving is behind us! With reportedly well over 300 drivers registered to race the event, this year's Shootout is already a success...but there are still two days of racing left, and one more day of qualifying. The drivers are all getting their vehicles dialed into the new layout, the track has grooved up, and the competition is only going to get more fierce over the next two days, as the rest of our registered drivers log their qualifying runs!

This year features a triple-A main Open Short Course demo class, with the pros showing off their door-to-door racing skills over the three days of the Shootout, one race per day between rounds! The demo also sports an international flair, with current IFMAR 2WD buggy World Champion, Hayato Matsuzaki, along with Masami Hirosaka's young protege, Naoto Matsukura (who just last year became the youngest driver ever to win an IFMAR 1/12th scale world title at the age of 15), hailing from Japan. Today, though, it would be Team Associated's Ryans - Cavalieri and Maifield - duking it out for the top spot, with Maifield taking the win over Cav by a mere two seconds. Look for tomorrow's race to be even more competitive!

Here are the top qualifiers in all of the classes being raced at the Shootout, after day one!

Rookie Stock: Sean Silva 16/6:04.442
Stock Buggy: Nathan Lavery 18/6:11.109
Stock Truck: David Orner 18/6:10.283
Super Stock Buggy: Cody Turner 19/6:11.825
Super Stock Truck: Casper 18/6:08.414
Super Stock 4WD: Cody Turner 20/6:17.434
Sportsman Slash: Craig Turner 15/6:16.354
Expert Slash: Austin Bishop 17/6:18.599
Open Short Course: Aaron Waldron 17/6:19.799
40+ Super Stock Truck: Bill Koch 18/6:14.944
Modified Truck: Ryan Maifield 20/6:12.230
Modified Buggy: Ryan Cavalieri 20/6:12.681