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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bring out your buggies & stadium trucks!

So you say your 10th scale stadium truck or buggy is gathering dust, with the short course explosion that has happened at Hot Rod's? Well, it's time to bring them back out and race them. Jimmy Babcock has dubbed next month, "Tenth Scale September" here at Hot Rod Hobbies!

Sign up for at least one paid class at any race in September, and you can race your tenth scale buggy or stadium truck free of charge. If you are not interested in running a short course truck, eighth scale or nitro vehicle and only want to run a stadium truck or buggy, your entry fee will be only $5 per class! Jimmy wants to see the traditional 10th scale classes make a comeback at Hot Rod's and if it takes offering deep discounts and free registration, that's what he's willing to do to make it happen. Take advantage, this September! (Consult the Racing page for available classes.)

Also, for anyone who would be interested in the creation of a "track maintenance party" to perform regular repairs on the off-road track, click here and send an e-mail to Jimmy stating your interest in helping participate in something like this.