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Monday, February 7, 2011

New rules and classes for Short Course!

Just an update that Jimmy has made a few changes to the Short Course classes and rules, going into effect with the next series. The separate Intermediate and Unlimited classes will give way to "Pro-2" and "Pro-4" Short Course classes, in which experienced drivers will be allowed to run any motor they can handle in a 2wd (Pro-2) or 4wd (Pro-4) truck. See the official rules for full details. The 4wd trucks are starting to gain momentum and with the announcement of Team Associated's 4wd SC-10 truck, we're expecting turnouts to continue to grow.

Beyond these two classes, Hot Rod Hobbies will continue to offer three levels of stock (17.5 brushless/27t brushed) racing, in the form of Rookie, Sportsman and Expert classes.