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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Coming in early 2013: A second off-road track!

Relative newcomers to Hot Rod Hobbies and our club racing program may not know it, but we once played host to both off-road and paved oval racing. However, we saw interest in oval racing drop off so severely that we could not fill a full club race program, one day a the paved oval program was scuttled.

This left us with a mid-sized, open area that many (including Jimmy) felt could be turned into a second off-road track. Visitors to the track will have noticed some gradual developments on this portion of the lot: The pavement was pulled out, a wooden wall has gone up, a new level of brick was added to the back wall, and tractor access was created for the track area. Jimmy also installed a PA system in the timing booth and fixed everything that was broken in the former oval racing area. One thing remained, though...dirt.

Our previous supplier was not able to get the dirt that was purchased for the existing track, seven years ago - and Jimmy was simply not willing to settle. As he puts it, "Dirt is everything when it comes to R/C race tracks and I didn’t want to settle for dirt that wouldn’t have the characteristics I desire." So a lot of money and effort has been put into readying the track, but we've been waiting on the dirt. That wait is over.

We plan to have the first round of new dirt delivered next week, then design and installation of the track sometime in December. If all goes according to plan, we will be having our first race night on the new track at the beginning of the new year! The proposed schedule will be to move our Friday night club race onto the new track, with a new start time of 7:00pm. Initially, we plan for the new track to be for electric vehicles only, however Jimmy feels that could change once he sees the size of the track, after completion. Tuesday and Saturday night club racing will continue to be held on the original track.

This is the most current information we have about the construction of the second off-road track and our plans on implementing its use. We will be sure to keep you updated on any changes, as they happen!