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Friday, July 25, 2014

The 2014 Off-Road Shootout Results!

Every summer, racers from all over the country endure the sweltering Santa Clarita Valley heat to test their mettle at the world famous Hot Rod Hobbies off-road track, during the Shootout...but this year, mother nature relented and the weather was actually tolerable!

Things were every bit as heated as past years on the track, though...and we are happy to announce the new champions we've crowned for the 2014 Shootout. Congratulations to everyone who participated! For a complete breakdown of all main event results, click this link for a PDF file.

2wd Rookie: Dro Mousheghian (Podium Photo)
Sportsman Stock Short Course: Martin Johnson (Podium Photo)
Sportsman Stock Truck: Tyler Sweany (Podium Photo)
Sportsman Stock Buggy: Dayton Brown (Podium Photo)
Sportsman 4wd Short Course: Brian Sweany (Podium Photo)
Super Stock Short Course: Chad Nelson (Podium Photo)
Super Stock Truck: Wayne Wyrick (Podium Photo)
Super Stock Buggy: Zachary Rogers (Podium Photo)
Pro-2 Short Course: Jared Tebo (Podium Photo)
Pro-4 Short Course: David Jenson (Podium Photo)
2wd Modified Truck: Ryan Cavalieri (Podium Photo)
2wd Modified Buggy: Jared Tebo (Podium Photo)
4wd Modified Buggy: Ty Tessman (Podium Photo)
8th Scale Electric: David Jenson (Podium Photo)