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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bring out the toys!

With the gift-giving holidays behind us, it's time to bring your new R/C toys out to Hot Rod Hobbies! We offer twice-weekly off-road racing for both electric and fuel-based trucks, buggies and truggies...and don't forget our monthly paved oval racing! We've got on-road racing coming up on Sunday, January 4th, starting at 10:00am.

Maybe you've already taken your new toys out for a test drive and found they could use some souping-up...we can help you make them better, stronger, and faster, with a complete line of option parts and accessories for most popular brands. Already driven that new monster truck off a bit more jump than its stock parts could handle? We can have you back up and running again, in no time.

Or perhaps you came up short on your holiday "wish list" and have a few items left, to complete your rig. Whatever the case may be, Hot Rod Hobbies is your best source for all of your R/C driving needs, in 2009 and beyond!