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Monday, July 13, 2009

Mowry and Tebo win the Shootout Pro-Am

A rookie driver couldn't have asked for a better mentor! Hot Rod Hobbies local, Brian Mowry, drew Jared Tebo as his Pro in the Shootout R/C Pro-Am...and their combined skill was enough to net Tebo a $100 bill, and Mowry a first-place, the kind of experience you just can't pay for. Many a local driver could be heard expressing their envy, trackside (along with a few plots on how to pass as a rookie, at next year's event) - but the results were clear. Not only would Tebo give advice and set-up help, but he'd give Mowry a spot in the Kyosho tents right next to him, where he could observe all the pros and get their expert advice.

It's a great reason for rookie drivers to attend the Shootout and if you have the chance to make it next year, do not miss this tremendous opportunity. Congratulations Brian on your well-earned victory! Thanks to the Kyosho America website for the photo.