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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Friday night under the lights reminder, new rules for Spec Short Course...

Just a reminder that the first Friday of the month is this Friday, September 3rd...and that means it's our now-customary "Friday Night Under The Lights" practice night! Five dollars buys you all day practice until the lights go out, at 10:00pm. We supply the pizza, so you don't need to take a break from honing those driving skills to go get dinner!

Also, an important update for our Short Course drivers currently racing in the spec classes (both sportsman and expert). New rules are going into effect as of the next club racing series (starting this weekend), which include 27 turn brushed or 17.5 brushless motors in spec. Be sure to read up on the new rules, if you should be among those who would like to switch from the closed-endbell RTR motors, to the convenience of brushless, or would like to be able to perform regular maintenance on a traditional 27t brushed motor, rather than chucking your old RTR motor when it just isn't getting the job done and buying a new one.