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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Shootout results are in!

The dust has settled after three days of intense competition at the annual Hot Rod Hobbies Off-Road Shootout, and we have crowned the 2013 champions. For just a taste of the action from the weekend's events, check out the teaser video created by Bernard Seidler, below...and keep an eye on his YouTube channel for more, in the coming weeks!

If you'd like to see a PDF of the full results from all of the main event racing, click this link and congratulations to the winners!

(Corrections have been made to the winner list, your half-blind webmaster mistakenly credited several A3 Main winners with the overall wins. Apologies to the champions!)

2wd Modified Short Course: Ryan Cavalieri
2wd Modified Buggy: Ryan Maifield
4wd Modified Buggy: Ty Tessmann
2wd Modified Truck: Ryan Cavalieri
Sportsman Stock Short Course: Tyler Fenster
Sportsman Stock Truck: Nathan Bernal
Sportsman Stock Buggy: Nathan Bernal
Sportsman 4wd Short Course: Radcliff Brill
Super Stock Buggy: Kevin Gahan
Super Stock Short Course: Matt Gilbert
Super Stock Truck: Wayne Wyrick
Expert 4wd Short Course: Dakotah Phend
2wd Rookie: Nick Sweany
8th Scale Electric: David Jenson

And here are podium photos of all our winners from the event. Please click the thumbnail image to download the full-resolution photo!