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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tuesday and Friday start times changed

Hot Rod Hobbies will once again be adjusting the start times of our Tuesday and Friday night club programs. As of March 1st, our new start time for both nights will be 6:30pm. We had changed the start back to the original time of 7:00pm, in order to accommodate racers who were unable to make it to the track for a 6:00pm start; however upon doing so, we heard others tell us that this later start resulted in finish times that were too late for them to continue.

Therefore, as a compromise, we have decided to "split the difference" and institute a 6:30pm start time for Tuesday and Friday nights, in hopes that this will accommodate most peoples' schedules and allow more racers to attend. We apologize for the re-shuffling of start times over the past several months, but our goal is to please as many racers as possible and by adjusting these times, we hope to prove our commitment to our loyal racers. We hope to see you on one of our two excellent off-road tracks here at the World Famous Hot Rod Hobbies, in the very near future!